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Hi! I'm Grace. 

I help creative entrepreneurs such as yourself design their dream brand around their biggest passion & greatest talent (I see passion & talent as great assets, and leverage primal branding & new-world tech to package my client's brand/s, ready for global trading. In other words... I help you build your dream online brand & business, in a very strategic fashion).

I went through the NEIS course myself & have put together some offerings for new NEIS Participants, including:


A. an Introductory course on my 'Art of Rebirth' process (dream design, life design, digital design)
Click Here

B. a Free Dream call & Lifestyle Design Package (valued at $4999, I'll purchase that for you. The offer can only however be guaranteed for next 3 clients only) Click Here

C. 50% off products/services for NEIS Participants


D. FREE consulting packages available for 15-25 year olds (as part of our WISE SERPENT DREAM Youth Program)


You can also find out more about me
here & of course, listen to the above audio (top of the page) for context.

Peace (world peace)

- Grace Lion-Hunter -