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Grace Lion-Hunter


a.k.a.       is a Spiritual Artist with X-Tian Mystic roots who explores the #artofrebirth through MUSIC, ART, WISDOM.


The South Australian 'Minister of The Arts' shape-shifts as a visionary multi-instrumentalist to produce channeled artistic content (X-Magic™)* that throws the mind & feeds the spirit.



*experimental Short Films, Spoken Word, Live, Digital & Sonic: Spiritual Art pieces > "Riffs, Rants, and some of the best goddamn underground content you'll find this side of the web."

As a magician,       is building a virtual 'Zion/Emerald' city + AR (actual reality) version (with Wizard of Oz, Disney Land, Secret of Monkey Island, Count of Monte Cristo, Way of the Dragon type UX) that lands in 2037: OZRAEL (City of Dreams, 2037) will host international music, international artistry, international comedy, international surf, international skate, international wisdom, international talent (MUSIC, ART, WISDOM). In the meantime, CHECK OUT WISE SERPENT FEST 11/11


Lion-Hunter also conducts as a Personal Advisor for Top Talent (Spiritual Artists, Underground Musicians, Creative Entrepreneurs). Go to WISE SERPENT DREAM to see All Offerings.


Watch Grace's self-produced mobile TV show "The Art of Rebirth"(trailer) + Testimonials here.

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