Grace Lion-Hunter


a.k.a.       is a Spiritual Artist with X-Tian Mystic roots who explores the #artofrebirth through MUSIC, ART, WISDOM.


The South Australian 'Minister of The Arts' shape-shifts as a visionary multi-instrumentalist to produce channeled artistic content (X-Magic™)* that throws the mind & feeds the spirit.









*experimental Short Films, Spoken Word, Live, Digital & Sonic: Spiritual Art pieces > "Riffs, Rants, and some of the best goddamn underground content you'll find this side of the web."

As a magician,       is building a virtual 'Zion/Emerald' city + AR (actual reality) version (with Wizard of Oz, Disney Land, Secret of Monkey Island, Count of Monte Cristo, Way of the Dragon type UX) that lands in 2037: OZRAEL (City of Dreams, 2037) will host international music, international artistry, international comedy, international surf, international skate, international wisdom, international talent (MUSIC, ART, WISDOM).

















Lion-Hunter also conducts as a Personal Advisor for Top Talent (Spiritual Artists, Underground Musicians, Creative Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Comedians + Out-of-the-Box Magician/Outlaw Brands). Go to WISE SERPENT DREAM to book a dream call.


Watch Grace's self-produced mobile TV show "The Art of Rebirth"(trailer) + Testimonials here.